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Sunday school

Sunday Mornings at 9:00am for ALL ages

Coffee Fellowship at 8:45am in Building 100

Bible Study Groups and locations

All of our classes offer a strong emphasis on fellowship. We believe the ministry of nurture strengthens the Body of Christ.

Browse through the following classes and choose one that will meet your needs.

Campus Map

Children Reading the Holy Bible


Building 300

All of our children’s classes meet in the Family Life Center at the rear of our campus. Stop by  and our Children’s Ministry team will show you where the classes meet. 

Nursery : Bed babies to age two 
Toddlers: Age two up to age three 
PreK – Grade 2 
Grades 3-6 

Teen study group


Building 200

The youth at First Baptist are divided into Middle School and High School age groups. They all meet together in the Youth Assembly area in the middle building on campus. Entry is through the west parking lot. Breakfast is served at the beginning! Theron Prescott is the Youth Intern coordinating the youth activities. 

Study Group on the Grass

Truth Seekers

Building 200

This is the class for young adults with or without families. Beginning with those who have finished school, this class especially appeals to folks who love to learn through an in depth approach. 


The Journey Class

Building 200

The Journey Class studies the Bible one book at a time.  Our goal is to be conformed to the image of Christ, always abounding in His work for our lives.  This class is non age specific and is made up of both singles and couples. 

Group Therapy

Coed I

Building 200

Coed I is composed of folks in their 30’s – 40’s who address the relevant issues of family, work, and church. The class takes a strong look at real life application of Scripture. 

Networking Group

Coed II

Building 100

Coed II is not age specific, although most members are age 50 and above. This class takes a non-traditional approach to Bible Study. 

Group Photo


Building 100

The friendship class is designed to meet the needs of men and women in their 50’ s and up. It is a more traditional style class that uses standard curriculum. 

Bible discussion group


Building 100

The Sojourners class addresses the study of Scripture through the standard curriculum. It utilizes both instruction and discussion. 

Senior Book Club

Coed V

Building 200

Coed five is a warm class made up of folks age 70 and up. They use standard curriculum resources.  

Old Friends_edited.jpg

Men's Fellowship

Building 100

A class designed just for men. It is not age specific, but appeals to men who prefer a men’s only class setting.

Outdoor Book Club

The Joy Class

Building 100

A ladies class that is not age specific. It utilizes a standard curriculum. This is a large class that loves to reach out to others. 

Want to know more about our sunday school curriculum?


Click HERE to discover more about these Bible Study Curriculums.

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