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About us

We are a family devoted to the Word, to worship, to the fellowship, and to the ministry of the Gospel. 


Over the last 5 decades we have sought to be a neighborhood congregation marked by faithfulness and fellowship.  When you visit you will find a multigenerational, hospitable, and joyful congregation excited to see you. We want to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in all that we do and further His Kingdom in our church, our town, our state, and as far as we can. 


And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. - Acts 2:42

Our beliefs

We affirm the Baptist Faith & Message 2000, below you can click on view more to see sections I-VII in detail.

You can read it in it's entirety here: The Baptist Faith & Message 2000

If you like my work and would like to donate, use my paypal_ visaxslr_gmail_edited.jpg

I. The Scriptures

our staff

The commitment of the staff and leadership at First Baptist Irmo is at the heart of what makes us a living, thriving church. They are dedicated to serving the community and strengthening the impact of our church on people’s lives.


Rev. Blair M. Smith


caleb's photo.jpeg

Caleb Bartlett

Associate Pastor


Patty Hampton

Ministry Assistant/Financial Secretary


Denise Tweito

Worship Leader/Choir Director



First Baptist Church of Irmo began in 1971 as Irmo Baptist Chapel, a mission sponsored by Riverland Hills Baptist Church and the Lexington Baptist Association. The chapel held its first meeting on 4 December 1971 in the Irmo Middle School Cafeteria. Rev. Dr. Thomas E. Cuttino, a professor at Columbia College served as the part-time minister. In 1971, Riverland Hills with financial assistance from the association purchased ten acres on Nursery Road. The fledgling congregation held morning services at the school and in the evenings met in the White House on the church property. 


On 8 December 1974, Irmo Baptist Chapel became First Baptist Church of Irmo. The new church officially called Dr. Cuttino as pastor and on 18 December Riverland Hills Baptist Church dismissed 175 members to constitute the new church. On 6 November 1975 the SC Secretary of State officially incorporated the new church: “To carry on the evangelical, inspirational, educational and humanitarian ministry of a Baptist Church….”

On 5 December 1976, the church broke ground and built two buildings – one for worship and the other with administrative space as well as educational classrooms. Since those early beginnings, the church has successfully funded renovations, a multi-purpose building and most recently, a Family Life Center with kitchen, classrooms and recreational facilities.

After Dr. Cuttino’s resignation, First Baptist Irmo called its first full-time pastor, Dr. Roy A. Arnold. Since then, the church has had four full-pastors: Dr. Paul Pridgen, III; Dr. Bill Messer, Dr. Clark McCrary and currently, Rev. Blair Smith, as well as, two interims: Dr. Bill Bishop and the Rev. Mr. Jim Osteen.

First Baptist Irmo has a strong commitment to missions and outreach. Sharing God’s Love began in the church’s White House and the church has sent mission teams to Brazil and Taiwan as well as West Virginia, Maine, Massachusetts, and Missouri. Members have also been involved in disaster relief and prison ministries. In addition, the church has sent others to preach God’s word including the Rev. F. M. “Dick” James, who even in retirement, continues to supply Midlands churches and Rev. Jacob Helsley, Sr.

As former interim, Dr. Bill Bishop commented, First Baptist Irmo “is a special place. I feel God’s presence here.”

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